1. Figure out who you are 2. Gain clarity on what you want to experience in your life 3. Understand who, or what is holding you back from your purpose 4. Learn to prioritize yourself 5. Start living your life full of value!

Positivity Coach

Jennifer Anderson

Hello!! I am so honored to be on this journey with you. I discovered and decided to follow my life's purpose over the course of one evening while cleaning house and listening to "Girl, Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis. What she said really resonated with me ... so much so that the advice I was hearing from her mirrored what I had poured into a friend a just few days prior. I kept cleaning and listening, and what I heard over the course of the next few minutes had me sitting in the middle of my kitchen with tears pouring down my face. At that point, I could not remember what Rachel was reciting ... all I knew is that a deep longing to help women was being built in my heart and I knew I had to follow and take action on it. That night, I spent hours researching life coaching certifications and I knew deep in my soul that my life had changed and that I was now on a different path. Not too many months later, I created Thankful Hearts Coaching for women just like you who are ready to put some boundaries in place so their lives are full of balance and peace. Thankful Hearts was designed as a safe and judgment-free zone for ALL women to be listened to and valued ... and for me to offer encouragement, research-based and intuitive advice, and my gift of friendship ... along with so much more.

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Jessica McKillip

This was a great course! I am a single parent of two boys and a business owner so time can be an issue. This course was easy to break down into parts. I neve...

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This was a great course! I am a single parent of two boys and a business owner so time can be an issue. This course was easy to break down into parts. I never felt overwhelmed and the journey was eye opening! I have already begun the work laid out in the course and plan to maintain it! Thank you Jennifer!

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5 star rating


marianna Rubino

This course is empowering.

This course is empowering.

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Why PEP?

  • Who is this group for?

    It's for those who are done just going through the motions who want to dig deeper.  For those who want to explore their beliefs further. Those who want to change their story. Those who want to create more empowering beliefs. Those who are ready to heal.  It's for those who no longer want to live in judgment...this includes self-judgment Those who want to be present in every moment of life! 

  • Why join a subscription group?

    By joining a subscription group there are endless possibilities to learn from others who are on a similar journey. Love, support, encourage other all while finding those amazing things for yourself too! Find amazing accountability in others and yourself!

  • What do I get out of it?

    Besides all the amazing support and accountability you will get out of PEP, you will have the opportunity to work on your self-worth, who you are as a person, what gives you joy and lights you up and so many more mindset areas. You will also have lots of ways to learn, such as, worksheets, video courses, (both audio and transcripts) and 1:1 or group coaching offered at a discount just because you are a member.

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